S2E12 Kris Kidd, Texas ComiCon promoter, Staple! 2014

Texas ComiConTexas ComiCon

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My friend Kris Kidd is the promoter of Texas ComiCon, which is the home of The Con Cast. He is a great guy.

There, Kris. I did what you wanted. Now pay up!

All kidding aside, Texas ComiCon is a wonderful annual event in San Antonio and I always have a blast. At Staple!, I spoke with Kris about 2014’s show, and he gave a lot of good info.

ALSO, there’s a scoop hidden in the interview! I always get one scoop a year from Kris about an upcoming guest, and this year is no different. But, ya gotta listen to find out who it is!

Kris and I go back a couple of years, and we tend to get off topic. When we get to the point where we are having two different conversations with two different people, please, remember, we’re guys!

Go to http://www.texascomicon.com for even more info!

Also, Fanboy TV and One Of Us were both there interviewing as well. Go check them out at http://www.fanboytv.com and http://www.oneofus.net.

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