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S2E11 Staple! The Independent Media Expo, Austin 2014

Staple! The Independent Media ExpoStaple! The Independent Media Expo

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Staple! Yes, the exclamation point is part of the name! Look! Exclamation points!

Chris Nicholas, aka Uncle Staple, runs a great, but intimate gathering of (mostly) print media creators. Comics, art, books, video games, you name it. Indie creators rock, and Chris celebrates them at Staple!

I got 17 (I think) interviews in one short day, which is awesome. Listen to my review of my first visit to this really neat show.

The website is

Also, Fanboy TV and One Of Us were both there interviewing as well. Go check them out at and

The Con Cast can be found on Facebook at theconcast, or you can email us at

Music by Kevin MacLeod at


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