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Kaffeeklatsch with Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary web comic creator, WorldCon 2013

NOTE: This is a mostly unedited room recording. There may be some slightly strong language. Also, Howard keeps mentioning “the video”. I don’t do video podcasts. I don’t have the face for them. Howard, however, is on video a lot! So, no, you’re not missing anything.

Right click and “save as” to download this interview!

Howard Tayler is the creator, writer, penciler, inker, etc. of the wonderful web comic Schlock Mercenary. Every day since June 12, 2000, Howard has put up a new strip in this comedic space opera.

He is also part of the team of creative minds behind the Hugo Award winning podcast “Writing Excuses”.

I never miss an episode of either one.

The web comic can be found at and the podcast can be found at

Present at the Kaffeeklatsch were:
Andy Rogers
Frank Kempe
Dan and Kate Julicher
Jo Rhett (I hope I spelled that correctly)
John Husisian
Ian Vallilaros (if I’m reading this right)
Eric Rutan
Jay Morris
Robert and Hannah Garbacz.
One other gentleman arrived about half way through, but I was unable to get his name.

The Con Cast can be found on Facebook at theconcast, or you can email us at

Music by Kevin MacLeod at


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